Chocolate enrobing

Enrobing is the art of coating fillings and all kinds of confectionary with chocolate.

Enrobing or coating is often done manually by dipping the filling in tempered chocolate. A chocolate enrobing machine can do this job much faster and more accurate. An additional advantage is the prevention of pollution of tempered chocolate by unwanted parts of the fillings that have to be coated.

the use of chocolate coating machines makes the amount of chocolate infinitely adjustable and equal during the process. The operator can change the thickness by changing the speed of the conveyor belt or by increasing or decreasing the amount of chocolate that is transported to the casting output.

Finally the conveyor belt transports the coated products to a second conveyor unit where the coated chocolates are automatically put on plates, ready for cooling. Optionally the enrobers can be extended with a cooling tunnel and an additional melting kettle for larger batches, establishing fully automated production lines for chocolate truffles, coated chocolates or confectionary.