Chocolate flakes is various shapes and thicknesses

Chocolate flakes are a common decoration on cakes and pastries and are often used for finishing chocolate truffles. The manual production of chocolate flakes is time consuming and cumbersome.

Fully automated

he flaking machine of Mol d’Art is fully automatic. It is much safer, more hygienic and more productive than manual production of chocolate flakes. Automated production ensures uniform flakes into the desired shape and thickness. An additional advantage is that chocolate during processing is protected to unwanted  light and air exposure.


more information about the construction and operation of the flaking machine of Mol d’Art.

Fast and easy flaking?

An automatic chocolate flaking machine allows you to produce large amounts of chocolate flakes in a fast, easily and safely way. It can handle two 5kg blocks of couverture simultaneously. In this way, 10 kg of chocolate flakes can be processed in less than 8 minutes.