Tempering chocolate

A perfect chocolate is easily identifiable by brilliance, hardness, crispness and short break.

Less good chocolates lost their brilliance, they may have gray spots, they quickly melt and can have a granular structure. The secret is to find in the crystal structure of the cocoa butter in chocolate. Cocoa butter can solidify in six different forms. Only one of them is right.

The correct structure of the crystals is necessary in order to obtain a perfect finished product. It can only be realized by the so called “tempering”-process. Depending on production needs, there are different ways to achieve the right conditions.


The main goal of tempering is creating the best possible conditions to initiate the development of stable crystals in melted chocolate. Therefore, “precrystallising” would be a better word

Different methods

Crystallisation can be achieved in different ways, depending on the size of the company, specific production needs and the degree to which production is automated.