Industrial chocolate truffle production unit

SKU: IT001

 105 000,00

  • This fully automated unit produces at least 200 kg of truffles per hour.
  • It consists of a tracing machine with a tempering function and a spreading machine.
  • Both run on 380V and are powered by a common switch box.
    The enrobeuse / coating machine can contain 100 kg of chocolate, and it produces at least 200 kg of truffles per hour.
  • In addition to automatic tempering, the most important features are:
  • Grille 600 mm wide
  • The chocolate is applied by a TM4 chocolate pump,
  • Adjustable thickness of enrobing / tracing,
  • All motors are individually adjustable,
  • Adjustable heating,
  • Adjustable vibrating, blowing and tailing.
  • The tracing machine is made entirely from stainless steel, and is accessible through a 3-mm-thick plexiglass folding window.
  • The covered truffles are brought to the spreading machine by a conveyor belt. There they are covered with chocolate chips by a system with five perforated conveyor belts. The finished
  • Truffles leave the machine at the bottom, before being transported to the cooling and packaging.
  • Sprinkling is done fully automatically in a machine that is completely sealed off from the environment. The excess litter is automatically returned to the hopper on top of the machine.
  • All motors are individually adjustable, so that the machine can be used in combination with any cover or enrober machine, and of course the spreader is made entirely of stainless steel.