Carrier boiler, base station and drum

SKU: 9110 (7L) -- 9111 (16L)

 5 445,00

  • Carrier boiler, base station and drum
  • This machine is made for the production of coated treats. Possibilities are chocolate around peanuts, hazelnuts or dried fruit. These are just a few examples. numerous products and flavors can be combined.
    Moreover, the mill can be easily dismantled, making maintenance very easy. You can obtain extra bowls on request if desired.
    The air filter on the fan can also be cleaned.
    With this boiler you have the choice between 2 drums or a drum of 7 liters or a drum of 16 liters. both work at the same control station.
    electricity network: 230V 50 / 60Hz
  • Power 370 W
  • Mill with speed control
  • Made entirely from stainless steel
  • empty weight: 36 kg or 42 kg
  • content: 7L / 16Liter