Cooling tunnel

Cooling is the last stage in the production process before finished products will be packed. Cooling chocolate is a critical process: entry and exit temperatures and the cooling time have to be controlled carefully. Entry temperatures that are too low may cause the formation of unwanted and unstable cocoa butter crystals. On the other hand: chocolate emerging with a surface temperature below the dew point of the atmospheric conditions of the packing room, will attract moisture in the form of condensation.

Central Control

The cooling tunnel is easy to operate from a central control panel. All temperature settings and switches for starting and stopping the conveyor and adjusting its speed, are grouped.

Maximum Security

Besides the emergency stop at the central operating panel, the machine has four more emergency switches: two at the entrance and two at the exit of the cooling tunnel. As one of the emergency stops is activated, the cooling mechanism and the conveyor are immediately stopped.

Adjustable conveyor

The conveyor is of type T10, 400 mm and FDA approved. The conveyor speed is infinitely adjustable between 0,5 – at 1,5 meter per minute.  The conveyor is electro powered.

Removable top

The top is entirely built of 60mm, ensuring extra isolation and designed for indirect and gently cooling.

Custom tunnels

For more information on customization, please feel free to contact us.