Chocolate melting

Melting chocolate should be done slowly and at low temperature. If the temperature of the chocolate becomes too high, its flavors disappear and the couverture becomes grainy and dull.

Gently and evenly melting

The chocolate melters of Mol d’Art are notable for their excellent heat conductive properties and the stability of the set temperature. Moreover, they consume less power and are more convenient and hygienic than chocolate melters based on warm water.

Indirect heating

Melting chocolate is preferred to be done by indirect and slow warming to a temperature of 45 ° C. Too high temperatures affect the properties and aromas of chocolate. Environmental factors as temperature, light and humidity have a very negative influence on taste, texture, shine and shrinkage of the finished product.

The melting should also be evenly done to avoid problems during further processing.

Chocolate melters of Mol d’Art not only ensure an optimal melting process: they can easily be used for the tempering of chocolate.

Induction heating

Mol d’Art chocolate melters do not use water. Instead, an electric contact heating method is used. The heating element is mounted on the bottom and the sides of the melter and has a very high power density, dramatically increasing the efficiency and the accuracy.

The construction of the chocolate melters makes the warm air perfectly evenly flowing over the entire surface of the removable stainless steel bowl.

The chocolate melters ensure stable temperatures, infinitely adjustable with a thermostat on the front of the device.

Indirect melting is not only more efficient and accurate then hot water devices. Besides hygienic considerations, chocolate is very vulnerable to water.

Stainless steel

Mol d’Art chocolate melters come with a removable stainless steel bowl. Additional dishes are available for each model.


During the melting process, exposure of the chocolate to air and light should be avoided. As long as the chocolate is not needed for further processing, the melter can be covered with a removable plastic lid. This ensures preservation of aromas and warmth.

The chocolate melters automatically accept 220 or 110 V. An unbreakable plastic casing guarantees a sturdy, lightweight and easy to maintain melting device.

Highly customizable

From artisan producers to industrial environments: the manufacturing of fine chocolates always starts with the melting process. Mol d’Art offers chocolate melters with a wide variety of capacities. The smallest melter can handle 3 kg. It is mainly used for melting and tempering of small amounts of chocolate for decorative work. The largest table top melter has a capacity of 24 kg. For melting larger quantities, chocolate melting kettles with a capacity of 150 kg, 500 kg and 1.000 kg. are available