To ensure our employees can work safely and healthly, we have conducted a risk assessment and evaluation ( R.I&E ). This RI&E is concluded with a written report and an action plan.

Moreover we inform our employees regularly to achieve a greater awareness of workplace risks.

We refrain from doing business with companies and / or organisations that are directly or indirectly involved in the violation of universal human rights.

For our thermoformed products, we prefer to use mono materials that can be easily recycled. Where possible, rPET is used as a material. PET is not only a food approved material, but also 100% recyclable and to be reused endlessly. We follow as many new developments, trends as possible, e g bioplastics and carbon-free materials.

Production waste is limited as much as possible. But then sorted, baled, and passed to accredited recyclers.

Other materials, e.g. Iron, aluminum and carton / paper are sorted and passed to accredited recyclers or suppliers.

For packaging and transportation of our products, we use standard pallets from a recognized pallet pool. A circular process that contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Cardboxes delivered to us are kept separate, sorted and reused as much as possible.

We have installed 720 solar panels on the roof our new building ( office and thermoforming ). In addition, the new building is equipped with wall and ceiling insulation, triple glass windows, a rainwater recovery system and heat pumps.

Our buildings are entirely relighted with LED lighting.