The ideal chocolate melter for home

Small chocolate melter designed for quickly changing production needs of different types of chocolate in smaller quantities. It is designed for melting and bringing small batches of chocolate in temper.

This small chocolate melter suits the need for small batches of tempered chocolate when creating chocolate decorations, for making candy or for dipping smaller items.

Up to 3 kg chocolate can be melted and tempered in the removable stainless steel bowl. The best melting conditions are guaranteed by the use of induction heating. This ensure accurate and stable temperatures, reducing the risk of water affecting the chocolate’s characteristics. Induction heating is also much safer and makes the machine easy to clean. An other big advantage of dry heat induction devices, is a faster respons and more stability.

Temperature can be set accurately.

Thanks to its comfortable size and it’s known capabilities for holding chocolate at steady temperatures, the smallest melting device in the range of Mol d’Art has also found its way into the kitchens of many chocolate lovers who want to make amazing chocolate based desserts at home. 

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  • Indirect melting, dry heating
  • Induction heating with adjustable mechanical thermostat
  • Comes with removable stainless steel bowl
  • Complete with sturdy cover


Stainless steel bowl for 3 kg of chocolate (ref. 9005P)


  • diameter: 310 mm
  • height: 180 mm
  • weight: 1,7 kg
  • AC: 110-220 V
  • power consumption: 70 W 

3 kg chocolate melter user manual (eng)