Melting boiler, 150Kg

Artikelnummer: 9018

 11 500,00

Specifications of the melting kettle 120L

  • Empty weight: 185Kg
  • Dimensions: max height: 1170mm max width: 660mm max depth: 880mm
  • Kettle capacity: 150Kg of chocolate ( filled to 10cm from the top )
  • Equipped with a drain valve dia.38mm for connection to all pipe fittings.
  • Agitator: scrapes over the entire sidewall and bottom.
  • Stirrer dismountable without tools.
  • Heating: the entire sidewall and bottom are heated.
  • Total power heating: 2500W.
  • Agitator drive: geared motor attached to bottom side.
  • Agitator power: 0,55Kw.
  • The speed of the agitator is infinitely adjustable.
  • The maximum heating temperature of the product is 90°.
  • The kettle is supplied with adjustable feet and wheel plate.
  • Total electrical power: 3100W.
  • The boiler is fully constructed in stainless steel.
  • Boiler operates with 230Vac mono power supply. Other configurations possible contact


Melting kettle for 150kg of chocolate. The melting kettle has a digital thermostat with which the temperature can be accurately set.