Flaking machine

SKU: 9011

 10 750,00

  • Chocolate flaking machine for automatically differencing two blocks of couverture ( 428×226/286 x80).
  • The flakes are collected in plastic containers ( 2 x 64.5L) for food products.
  • The thickness of the flakes is infinitely adjustable.
  • A mechanism by which the knives can be easily exchanged makes the production of different chocolate flakes possible.
  • The machine contains 2 motors, one for the knife and one for the sledge. (Both are thermally protected)
  • Automatic rewind and stops automatically at the end.
  • Maximum production time: 60 kg/hour
  • Safety devices: when opening the lid, removing the drain tray or pressing the emergency stop, the machine will immediately stop completely.
  • Machine is equipped with 4 braked castorswheels.
  • Standard knife is supplied assembled.
  • Custom knives are available to obtain different lengths of flakes.
  • Machine is completely constructed in stainless steel.
  • In accordance with all safety regulations and inspections
  • Technical specifications:
    • Mains voltage 230V 50Hz ( other voltages possible on request)
    • Power : 0.6kW
    • Dimensions: 983 x 954 x 600 mm
    • Weight: 65 kg
    • Sound level ~70Db