Moulding machine

Mol d'Art moulding machines combine melting, tempering and moulding in one state-of-the-art unit. Moulding is made easy because of the adjustable amount of tempered chocolate. This type of chocolate machinery increase production capacity in quick changing environments with a need for smaller batches.

Moulding machines are specially designed to fill tempered chocolates into moulds to make pralines, tablets, bars and hollow figures. Transportation of the tempered chocolate to the moulds is provided by a rotating wheel. The amount of chocolate is infinitely adjustable( only at 50 and 100kg machines)

During the melting process the chocolate is continuously mixed. During tempering, the integrated mixer mechanism eventually distributes the necessary stable crystals.

Designed for high demanding production needs in different capacities, the Mol d'Art machines perform extremely well on holding stable temperatures in all stages of the production process. Entirely build of stainless steel and equipped with accurate electronic components, the moulding machines ensure continuous productivity.

3 different types are available. The smallest unit can handle up to 15 kg chocolates and can be used as a combined table top melter, tempering and molding device. The largest moulding machine can handle up to 100 kg and can be extended with an extra chocolate pump. This type of moulding machines is also suitable as the base for an automated enrobing line for full automated coating of chocolates or truffles.


  • accurate electronic temperature control
  • no temperature fluctuations
  • adjustable amount of chocolate during filling
  • one machine for melting, tempering and moulding

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