Wrapping machine

Pioneer of "Folding type wrapping machine" wrapping round products into square shape.
  • Machine timings can be digitally and easily set
  • Simple move of film feed bar and registration mark sensor allows accurate printed pattern mach of various kind of wrapping films.
  • Cut length of plain or continuously printed pattern film can be set in measured value(mm).
  • Film length, machine speed, count and synchro timing are indicated.
  • Occurrence of heater breakout, registration mark pass, film end or safety cover open allows the machine to stop and to indicate trouble location.
Operating speeds : 60 to 70 pcs./min. Size range of products :
  • Round shape : Dia.40 to 90 x 8 to 35(H)mm
  • Square shape : 40 to 70 x 8 to 35(H)mm
  • Rectangular shape : 28 to 70(W) x 40 to 100(L) x 8 to 35(H)mm